Maintaining high level of hygiene is utmost important.

Fitted sheets, face cradles and various towels used for draping purpose are washed, treated and dried every time. Everything is cleaned on site with two washing machines and one clothes dryer.

Name of Products used;
Detergent: Omo Sensitive
Fabric Conditioner: Cuddly Sensitive Hypoallergenic
Anti-bacterial: Dettol laundry sanitiser
Tissues: Kleenex Hypo-allergenic Silk touch 3ply or Sorbent Hypo-allergenic

Lubricant if used: Melrose Superfine Massage Oil.
Water dispersible. Virtual absence of any oily aroma. No smell, no stickiness.
Ingredients: Coconut Glycerides, Coconut Oil, Laureth-3.
Essential Oils or Aromatherapy Oils are not used for any treatment in this clinic.

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Pain Relief Massage Clinic
192 Brisbane Road, Arundel Gold Coast QLD 4214 Australia

Phone: (07) 5537 7886